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Chandni Khanna review of Kanagaroo Wings Digital Marketing Institute.

Chandni Khanna review of Kanagaroo Wings Digital Marketing Institute.

Hi, My name is Chandni Khanna and i am a Digital Marketing Expert. I am settled in London and running my own business Successfully from last 2 years in London itself. I am earning upto 5k pounds a months from my business. I am able to do this only because of my Training on from Kangaroo Wings.

Me and Kangaroo Wings.

I always wanted to do Digital Marketing as i knew this is something that can help me grow my business in a way which i want. First i did a basic course from London but couldn’t get the concept right so i came from London to Delhi just to do the digital Marketing course from Kangaroo Wings. I was afraid at first but the training was eventually came out to be extremely fruitful. I will like to thanks the whole team of Kangaroo Wings for giving me the immense knowledge of SEO , PPC & Digital Marketing. I did my course in September 2016 and since then it has been a exiting journey as my concepts are much clear. Now, I have no complaints or regrets for my training that i did from Kangaroo Wings.

Why i Chose Kangaroo Wings and how was my experience

I chose Kangaroo Wings When i came to know that Kangaroo Wings is the oldest digital Marketing institute in India and they provide training on live project. Was it true of course it was i got to see the live ppc campaigns and got to do all of the bidding strategy on my own they made me work on their own live project which gave me the proper confidence and digital marketing exposure. You should join Kangaroo Wings because of their brilliant and supportive trainers, advanced curriculum and practice on live projects.

How will I rate and review Kangaroo Wings-

I will rate Kangaroo Wings  purely because of the trainer’s quality and  the supporting staff. Also you can get a back up class for any topic just by mailing them that really impressed me. They taught me the basic as well as the advanced strategies to the fullest. I thanks Kangaroo Wings for teaching what Digital Marketing really is and i wish them all the best for their future and wish they keep on awaring people about Digital Marketing. Cheers !!!
“Chandni Khanna”

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