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KangarooWings Reviews by Bhupesh Sharma Quality Analyst in BPO

I am posting this KangarooWings reviews given by Bhupesh Sharma working in BPO.

Hi, I am Bhupesh Sharma from Assam. I am working in BPO in Sector 60 Noida at iEnergizer company. I studied from my hometown and working for 4 years in the company as a Quality Analyst. 2 Years back in 2017, I attended an event on WordPress, on that day I decided to create a website for my other income source. I want to start my own business in the E-commerce industry so that I join kangaroo wings.

I enrolled in Combo which includes SEO PPC SMO with E-commerce and continued my course with my job. Due to my hectic office schedule, I missed some of my session topics but all were covered. I joined the weekend batch with my office along.

I launched my own website and applies SEO tricks which I learned from kangaroo wings. Also, using successful social media and PPC for engaging new customers. The training was much practical than theory. In other words, it helps me a lot.

After some time, I will my spread digital marketing team, Kangaroowings gives me enough knowledge that I can easily handle my team.

Thanks, kangaroo wings team for your support.

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